Monday, April 24, 2006


Saturday, November 19, 2005


I think the two biggest stories this week are the release of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and the suicide bombing in Iraq. For many Americans I think that the suicide bombing wasn't as important. Harry Potter grossed over 36 million in the first day of release. Catholic Univeristy had an early showing so I was able to see the movie on Friday at 8:00 pm. It was excellent. I didn't like the first three movies, but this one was good. I have to go, so more on ther suicide bombing later. Peace out.

Nov. 20th Show

Hey everyone. Coming up on tomorrow's (Nov. 20th) show: Al Gore joins us for a live interview to explain how global warming is occurring here at Catholic University. Plus, the Democrats suffer their greatest legislative ass-whooping of the year, new documents suggest that Saddam Hussein had numerous WMD and connections with al Qaeda, and Hillary Clinton declares war on a children's book. Be sure to listen in 4-6.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

November 15, 2006-Matthew vd Crommert

November 15--Today has been a bit of a slow news day. The biggest story to come up over the weekend has been the release of the documents showing that Alito wrote that he did not think of abortion as a right while he was trying to get a job on the Attorney General's staff as one of the high ups. Of course the liberals are all up in arms (i don't know if that expression is appropriate for liberals) and don't be surprised if there is a major fight in the Congress over this approval. The high ranking members on the Judiciary committe said that they would not use a filibuster to stall the nomination, but that could change with the recent information. I think that Alito will be eventually confirmed, however, and then we will have five Catholics on the Supreme Court. Hooray!!!!

The Senate is also becoming a little displeased with the President. The senate voted yesterday over a proposal that Bill Frist himself drafted. This proposal demands that the president give regular updates over the war in Iraq. Even Senator Warren, from my homestate of Virginia who is very influencial in military matters, told the iraqis that "we really mean business...get on with it." The Senate seems to be trying to get the Iraqis to take more responsibility for their own defense, so that American troop deployment can be pulled back in Iraq. I say that if it works, sounds like a wonderful idea!!!! I just hope the politicians don't try to rush us out and leave the Iraqi people alone in their fight.
Condi is making headlines today. This is from the Nytimes article on the situation: "Israel and the Palestinian Authority clinched a rare agreement and settled a bitter dispute today when they resolved the allow Palestinians to travel in and out of the Gaza Strip with relative freedom." This was borkered by Miss Condi. And they say that Republicans can't negotiate. Another hole has been put in the wall of the Liberals who have repeatedly asserted that the current administration are breaking down the Middle East Peace process. We are now closer to ending this war in Israel/Palestine then we ever were under the leadership of Clinton. Another chip off of Clinton's legacy, like it isn't already in tatters. One for the home team.

I will try to do a segment each day if any one is actually reading this. Matthew Purple and Jamie might also write from time to time. Write any messages, be they good or bad if you so desire. Thanks.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Let's Get it Started

Oh yeah!!!!

I know that all of you have been waiting for the M2J blog
and now it is living among you. Thisblog will go where the millions of other blogs do not dare go. Well, not really but it makes a good beginning. So check back every so often and you will see the changes that are happening in the political landscape and just eh stupid shit that I, Matthew van de Crommert, like to talk about.